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  • Financial Aid

    Financial Aid

    Financial Assistance in the form of loans and grants is available to qualified students. KHS makes every possible effort to aid those students who need financial assistance in order to complete their college programs. Applicants in need should apply for financial assistance at the same time they apply for admission to Kentucky Horseshoeing School. Some types of aid available are:

    Federal Pell Grant
    Direct Unsubsidized Loans
    Direct PLUS Loans
    Direct Consolidation Loans
    WIA Workforce Investment Act
    Veteran Administration Benefits

    Students seeking financial assistance through any of the available programs should request information and appropriate financial aid counseling from KHS. The Financial Aid Administrator will be pleased to assist in completing and submitting all forms to the appropriate agency/lender. The student is responsible for providing accurate information. Financial aid consists of Grants, Scholarships and Loans. Please remember that loans must be repaid and should not be considered entitlements.

    There is a wide variety of scholarship opportunities available, all with different criteria.

    How Financial Aid is Determined

    Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

    Disbursement of Financial Aid